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About iLogo

iLogo exists to provide quality custom T-shirts and merchandise solutions. Value added services include viral marketing and solutions for your social media requirements.

We intend to establish ourselves as the premium retail brand for custom T-shirts and merchandising solutions in the world, albeit primarily in India. When one thinks of custom T-shirts or merchandise, they think "iLogo".

Our Mission

We will achieve our vision by:

  1. Developing products and services and marketing these to our customers
  2. Creating design concepts and ideas to inspire our customers
  3. Embracing technology and using it to deliver products and services efficiently to our customers
  4. Establishing a retail presence to offer convenience to, and to connect with our customers
  5. Being an employer of choice and investing in our team

Our Values

We do this through:

  1. Excellent customer service and an understanding of our customers' needs
  2. Innovation and creativity
  3. Doing what we say we will do
  4. Providing high quality products and services
  5. Working as a team
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